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Mandala Project

Investigating the mechanisms of visual perception, I set myself the goal of creating abstract images capable of synthesizing, through aesthetic balance, the essence of the Universe of which we are a part.

The photographic research that I conduct on the geometries of Nature, in which I collect with my shots, and then reassemble them, fragments of the vegetable, animal and mineral world, brings me closer to the sphere of spirituality; in fact, I see in their forms the expression of an intelligence that dominates us. The reference to the spiritual dimension of the Buddhist mandalas is strong in which the geometric figure that is built for ritual purposes is not a simple representative or symbolic drawing, but it is that place created by the meditator where he contemplates the divinities who have settled there after his invocation. 

With my images I want to create meditative spaces where you can travel with your eyes and mind in the sacred mystery hidden in the elements of nature and within us.

The image understood as a visual stimulus to meditate pushes me more and more towards abstraction because the alienating effect it creates, together with the mystery of its forms, amplifies the dimension of amazement we enter when we contemplate something we apparently do not know; we are intrigued and attracted by its revelation through ever new aspects as we gradually discover shapes and textures in it that we had not previously grasped or had only intuited, as if the meditative effect would never end.

The abstract works resulting from my research embody what I could define as the "alchemical transformation" of the physical structure of natural elements. It is a journey from the material to the immaterial, a sublimation from matter to spirit.

In fact, capturing and modifying the forms of nature in this process reminds me of the work of the alchemist, who symbolically aspires to change the state of matter with the use of magic. 

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