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Matter and transformation using polaroids

Thinking about time and the fragmentation and transience of memory, I created a series of small works starting from shots taken on analogue film with instant Polaroid development, subsequently manipulated using the emulsion lifting technique which consists in the mechanical opening of the photo support to separate the different chemical elements that compose it and isolate, by passing it in water, the thinnest layer of the emulsion on which the image is impressed. The emulsion detached and cleaned of residues from the support takes on the characteristics of a very thin film which, after this treatment, remains floating in the water like algae. At this point I recover it and transfer it to paper. During these passages it can take various shapes, curl, bend, encounter overlaps, breakages and unexpected events of various kinds that I am ready to use creatively. With this technique I transformed the photographic shots into thin veils that take on the appearance of transparent fabrics disheveled and torn by a current which, like Time, carries away with it the memory of the images of life that have crossed our eyes and inhabited our heart, to underline the impermanence (Buddhist term that defines transience) of the matter of which our world is made.

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