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Art in Silk

Drawing inspiration from my works made through digital media, I have created unique pieces of foulards, scarves and stoles in pure printed silk. The fabric garment is not  a simple reproduction of the work from which it originates, but a new composition in which  I use the starting image as a pattern to be recombined manually, i.e. in a non-mechanical way, through further digital processing work. I then entrust the printing and finishing on silk to a specialized laboratory, finally taking care of the crafting of each garment myself. In addition to the patterns directly taken from the works of the Mandala Project, a particular space is dedicated to the shapes and colors of my city, Venice, which I define as The impermanent city. The term impermanence  in Buddhism defines the transitory and momentary nature of every phenomenal existence. The opposite of permanent, eternal. Since its origins Venice has had its double in the water element in which it is reflected, giving back to the viewer another changing, impalpable, unattainable image of itself because it is always different, elusive, in continuous dissolution. It is a fragile city, eternal and impermanent at the same time. In my visions it is not a real city in the strict sense, but an illusory, dreamlike space; it is a place of the soul, an expression of the unconscious and of ancestral memories.

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